Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dupuy and Berberian on the cheap

I just picked up this book from a seller on ebay. Though the picture above shows the overseas cover, I, of course, bought the English language edition. (I couldn't find a quality image of the English language version. It's the exact same, it just says "The Complete Universe of Dupuy Berberian" instead of "Tout L'Univers de Dupuy Berberian".) THE COMPLETE UNIVERSE OF DUPUY AND BERBERIAN is a showcase of the full spectrum of two of my favorite cartoonist/illustrator collaborators, Phillipe Dupuy and Charles Berberian. Talks about how they got started working together and walks you through all the amazing illo and cartooning they've done over these 20+ years. They're huge in France (they're French) and have gained acclaim over here in the last few years with recent editions of their books in English translation--particularly with Montreal-based comics publisher, Drawn and Quarterly. I love the books D+Q have put out of theirs. The cartooning is so bright and fresh and stylish. Their writing is very light-hearted. And it's honest without being terribly pessimistic.

I've been eyeing this book for about a year now since it came out. It's hard to find here cause it was pubbed in the Netherlands, and usually goes for anywhere between $35 and $50 when you can find it (I think cover's $55). This seller on ebay's got 11 copies up for only $8.99, buy it now price! Well, there's 10 now cause I just bought one. What a steal!

No, I'm not getting any kickbacks.

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