Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday Me

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. September 11 is my birthday by unfortunate coincidence, but it is what 'tis. It's also that guy Moby's, so I ain't alone. To all you out there looking for last minute gift ideas (for me, not Moby), here's eleven things I'm into these days:

1. vintage 50's and 60's eyeglasses
2. Flight of the Conchords
3. Spongebob Squarepants (a strange, sudden regained interest)
4. Bob Dylan (still)
5. John Lennon (the best Beatle)
6. popcorn
7. Simon James
8. Gilmore Girls (don't judge!)
9. William Steig
10. bubble gum
11. grapefruit (ruby reds)

Or, a simple happy comment on otherwise one of the saddest days of American history will do.


Heather said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Go have some Garrett's caramel corn for me! How yummalicious. Enjoy your birthday, man.

A fan said...

Just a quick Happy Birthday!! Of course we all now know that your real present will be arriving sometime in December. Congrats on the great news. Hope Julie is doing okay and you're pampering her!

How cool, you get an entire year's tax deduction for the little one who arrives in December.

A fan said...

I'm a BIG ebay fan and am always checking it for various goodies.

I just found this first edition William Steig on there and thought you might be interested.

William Steig, The Lonely Ones,1st Ed. 1942 New Yorker

The end date is 9/20.
Just wanted to pass this on - in case you're interested.

skybird said...

i know this is late, but Happy Birthday!9/11 is chopped up into two different days. that tragic day and the happy day. (but i dont knwo you so it might be the tragic day and the tragic day, you never know, but you seem like a nice guy" :~>

JIM G said...

today is also my Birthday remember the lost but don't forget we need to be happy for our time on this earth God bless you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY