Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We'll hitch-hike, bus, or yellow-cab it.

Moving right along. Things are going well. Even though the snow keeps rearing head, we finally invested in a snow blower... er snow THROWER (technically). Our awesome neighbor, Gary, helped me pick one out and also pick it up. Their car is a big one. And the operator's manual has a great drawing on the cover. No mo sno shovel...o.

Gearing up to finish this sketch deadline for Friday. In the final stretches just now. Bit like these joggers that're going into the book (click and zoom?):

Romy is, as of yesterday, no longer a premee. Her anticipated due date was always Dec 16 and there we are. She continues to rock and roll. Meanwhile, my hair approaches mullet status--in sick need of cut. Car screams for an oil change. Stuff like that. It'll get done. Babe first, man.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a snowblower to make you feel like the king of all snow! You'll never fear snow again! Huzzah!

Joerg said...

Just two days ago my daughter asked me to read "Toby and the Snowflake" with her as I was tugging her in. Been thinking about you lately and had nooooo idea that you have someone to tug in yourself now. Congratulations. What a lucky little girl. You will make a great father! Wishing you and your new family an absolutely wonderful Christmas.
Joerg -

P.S. There is a snowman on my blog, courtesy of that same daughter, who is always working on one or the other art project.