Friday, March 4, 2011! new!


After much procrastination and after lots of work, I can now say I have a fully updated and overhauled website!

You know... It's weird. The website used to be the primary marketing tool here on the web. But now, for me, with the blog and Facebook profile, the website had sorta taken a back seat. It's just easier to maintain the blog and FB. But it's still important to keep a lively, professional online presence and portfolio via the website.

So, I've polished the design and added new sections for my books (reviews, acclaim, etc) and bio and artwork. I even figured out how to add a "favicon"! (the little icon that displays in the browser address bar and on tabs) This is all simple yeah, yeah. But I'm self-trained and it's me suffering through this junk, man. Please, please head over there and click around so all this hard work (and complaining) is not for nil!

Of course.


Scope Notes said...

The update looks great. Classy too - well done.

Matthew Cordell said...

Thanks, Travis! It's crazy how much time, at the end, I spent on that favicon thing. For someone without a logo (not like Amazon, Blogger, Facebook, etc), it's nearly impossible to think of something meaningful to fill that ridiculously small space. Yours is very nice!