Monday, November 5, 2012

HELLO! HELLO! @ Librarian's Quest

This morning, a new review posted here of hello! hello! from Margie Myers, at her blog, Librarian's Quest. I first came to know Ms. Myers' writing when she wrote this insanely detailed and astute and "dang she totally got this book!" review of ANOTHER BROTHER. In terms of reviews, it was the best one I'd ever read of ANO BRO. Since then, I've been following her blog and reading her takes on many of her and my own favorite new picture books. What I love is how you can totally feel her love for the picture book in the words she writes. It is immediately apparent that she sits with her favorites and looks and reads them over and over with absolute appreciation and devotion. Because she picks up on so many details that, I'd think, only the illustrator and/or author would've built in, not fully knowing if the reader would ever even notice.

Her review of hello! hello! is another great piece to add to Librarian's Quest. If you like picture books, and I hope/trust you do, then do pop in on this blog from time to time. It's spot on. She really gets it.

Thank you, Margie!

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