Sunday, August 31, 2014

Riding on the Number 5 Bus

For the past couple of weeks, I've been bouncing emails back and forth with Philip and Erin Stead for their author and illustrator discussion series called The Number 5 Bus. It has been a tremendous amount of fun talking about books and art (past and present) and many things that fall in between.

Topics covered include (not limited to):

-unfortunate coincidences in one's plot and another found elsewhere in the world
-John Burningham
-William Steig
-virtual tour of my very messy studio
-nibs and bamboo pens
-previous art lives
-sneak peeks at a couple of my 2015 picture book offerings (WISH, my next author/illustrator, and SPECIAL DELIVERY, a book I illustrated by Phil)

I hope you will take a few minutes and check out this piece and other great ones from the series. Ok, you will need more than a few minutes, probably. They are pretty stretched out in comparison to a lot of other content found on the web. Which is also what I love about these discussions. They have a nice ramble-y, not so edited, Richard Linklater-esque vibe to them that I love. I just saw Boyhood yesterday with the missus (so good) and I'm thinking Linklater a lot right now.

Check out my piece on No. 5 Bus right here:

Thanks for having me, Phil and Erin.

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Douglas Florian said...

I really enjoyed riding on the #5 bus and learning about your art. I've been using reed pens since college. They used to be more available at art supply stores. There used to be art supply stores. Now it's Blick it or stick it. I used a big fat reed pen with ridges to hold ink for Bing Bang Boing years ago and also for my recent Poem Depot . I'm also a fan of John Birningham (my kids loved all his books) and Quentin Blake, but also John Glashan, Ronald Searle, and Andre Francois.