Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Romy and Dad made a picture book!

Over the weekend, while watching the Wizard of Oz for the umpteenth time with my 4 year old, she asked, out of the blue, if we could make an Oz book? Can I get a heck yeah?!

We grabbed some paper, some Crayolas and here's what we came up with. I did some drawing. She did some drawing, much art directing, all the writing, the binding, the pagination. I'm so proud of my baby bookmaker! Here's to the first of many!

detail from above spread

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Happy new year, blogosphere!

I have not posted anything here in a while, so I thought a books up-to-speed was in order.

Here are the crazy cool things that have happened with HELLO! HELLO! since my last check-in.

Named a Best Children's Picture Book of 2012 by the New York Times! "Its message is loud, clear and important."

Named a Best Children's Picture Book by BookPage! "Cordell’s hopeful story encourages children to play outside, while also challenging their parents to play with them, a reminder for all of us to take time to disconnect from work and gadgets and reconnect with nature and family."

Named a Top 20 Children's Book by super-librarians John Schumacher and Travis Jonker! "The story is sweet, offbeat, and funny. And hello! hello! has picture book craft in spades, with thoughtful artwork that goes from small grey spot illustrations to vivid two page spreads to match Lydia’s story. It’s a beautiful, relevant, unexpected book."

Named (alongside ANOTHER BROTHER and BAT AND RAT!) a best picture book by Tanya Turek at books4yourkids! "These three books would have made it onto this "best of list" anyway, but I just thought it was so cool that this spectacular author/illustrator had FOUR picture books out this year, three of which I reviewed here and read at story time and love to bits!"

Recommended by the Kansas City Star! "Put down your cellphone and read this with your kids, and when you're done, go outside and chase some leaves."

Recommended by People Magazine!

Very kind review from The Horn Book! "...whimsical cartoon art and a keen sense of humor."

Very kind review and an Editors Choice Award from childrensbooksguide.com! "Technology has its perks without a doubt, but let us not forget to teach our kids that it is vital to stay connected- and not through any form of technology. The illustrations are gorgeous, it’s an entertaining read, and it has a good theme to boot."

Beyond all this (whew!), this very sweet piece came out from Publishers Weekly about wonderful author/illustrator, illustrator, super-editor pals, Philip Stead, Erin Stead, and Neal Porter, respectively. Including the bit (and sample art) about how I'll be soon working on a picture book with the Mr. Stead. Very excited about this!

Also, the art giveaway/book promo for HELLO! HELLO! was a smashing success. So incredibly grateful to all those who participated. And so incredibly grateful for all the love that's been shown for this book.

Thanks to all.


Onward and upward!