Monday, May 18, 2009


I have, for years, completely avoided joining any of these social networking sites. You know--myspace, facebook, whatever. Julie had, a few months back, set up a more professional presence for my illustration news and stuff on Facebook (since she was already a member). And that was good. But I was still holding out. Not sure revisiting the glory days was for me. But I started seeing people--old friends--joining the Facebook group, whose names I hadn't seen in 10 plus years. It was weird. Then there was the idea that now that I'm stay-at-home Dad, my days are pretty much shut-in. Which was making me a little isolated. A little crazy. Yeah. So, I gave in and I joined the 'book.

It's been a mixed bag. A complete dismissal of the past is unhealthy, just as it is to live only in the past (or the future for that matter). It's a pretty fine line. So, it's good, but still sometimes weird, to remember the high school and college days.For better or for worse. Hard not to get too sucked back in.

The interesting thing is, I've really been inspired by reconnecting with some of these folks. Though some people are living basically the same as they were 10 years ago, some people are doing new and cool things, with art, work, life and family. It's refreshing. It made me want to look at some of my old artwork. Pre-kid books. And it made me remember what was going on, with art and motivation many years ago. And it's making me want to try and do some more drawing that's not necessarily just for existing jobs. I haven't been doing too much of this for a while. For the past few weeks, I've been trying to keep up an exercise of working in the ol' sketchbook for about 5 times a week. It's been a lot of fun. For this, Facebook has been a good thing. I mean, I'm still an advocate of that whole "don't look back" thing. But I'm starting to think it's ok to just take an occasional peek.

Here's something new from the sketchbook (click on it for a closer look):

We'll see how it goes.


Skyebird said...

haha! its like bike the drive!
in a good way.... i dont mean that everyone is pigs but you know..

jimmyprell said...

Dude, I'm nodding my head with every word, though I'm a little older and probably more vulnerable to nostalgia. Facebook is only a tool, of course, but after years of NEVER LOOKING BACK I've come to make some kind of tacit peace with the past. I'd never want to go back to that place, those days, but I'm accepting that I was there, that THAT was me, and that I'm connected to it, and those people. That's where the roots are, like 'em or not.

OTOH, as Sam Phillips said, "Nostalgia's not what it used to be."

Heather said...

Facebook makes me nostalgic. I don't think there is anything wrong with looking back as long as you aren't trying to get back there. I have enjoyed finding people again that I lost years ago. It is nice to find out what happened to people that I have wondered about all these years. I even received an apology from an ex-boyfriend. I may regret doing some things I did and wished I had done some things differently but it got me where I am today and I can't do anything about the past.

That being said, I enjoy your work and look forward to seeing more.

Debbie Diesen said...

I'm a non-Facebooker who has been teetering lately, thinking I might actually go ahead and join in. But then, just when I think I'm going to, I get another invitation to join My Life, or some other networking site, and I think -- how can I possibly keep up? Facebook AND My Life AND the next thing after that?

But I think there are some neat aspects to Facebook. Still teetering.

J.Shane.Hutto said...

Hi Matt, I have always enjoyed reading and looking at your work on the website, long before Facebook. I guess it's because you stood-out from the "normal" Winthrop Art Kids. You made quite the first impression. Hope you remember this: It was during Martyka's 2D I or 2D II class. You were in the class, Jamie Demumbrium, the usual suspects, and me. I didn't know you or Martyka at the time at all--point is he wanted you to do something different or change what you were doing, but it was working for you! You stood your ground, did your own thing-which was always unique, always you, AND SHOCKED MARTYKA IN THE PROCESS!
There were somedays I wished I didn't have a talent for creating something from nothing. Yet,however many times I push memories away..they somehow find a way to enbrace me.

The use of the 'book has started to destroy that circle, as I call it, that we find ourself in every 3 or so years, where people come into and out of our life--never to be seen or heard from again.

To sum it up--it's kinda nice to have friends from 10-15 years ago reconnect. And that circle of hellos and goodbyes begins to fade.

AS I was looking at the drawings you posted, from back when. Not only do I remember some, but there is one in particular of a geometric shape, like a house and roof, that I remember my roommate Greg Wertz, animating for hours in the computer for Martyka to do a painting of.

Keep up the great work Matt. I wish I had knew you better a WU. On the other hand, I get to know you through your writtings and what you draw and paint too. I'd really like to see you do some more paintings!!
All the Best!

Matthew Cordell said...

Wow! Thanks a lot, Shane. Very nice. I don't actually remember that bit about the 2D II class, but I know I had some sparring matches with the old boy that semester. The class was a real eye-opener. I think of it still, probably weekly. Great to have you here on the blog. Great to be in touch!