Friday, August 14, 2009

TROUBLE GUM recognized by Society of Illustrators

What?! Yesterday, I got some crazy-good news from Feiwel and Friends pal and creative director, Rich Deas. Apparently, TROUBLE GUM was chosen to be a part of the 29th Annual Exhibition at the Society of Illustrators! This is major. And I had no idea it was coming. I guess the pubs submit all their books to all kinds of things all over. This one stuck. The news was a complete surprise and pretty much floored this old boy.

Congratulations are in order to my fellow Macmillan honorees, Maria van Lieshout (PEEP!), Taeeun Yoo (ONLY A WITCH CAN FLY), and Wendy Wahman (DON'T LICK THE DOG)!


Jeff Newman said...

Congrats, Matt! You might be surprised, but I'm not. Trouble Gum is dope.

Kyle said...

Way to go. Congratulations!

Matthew Cordell said...

Thanks much, fellas!