Monday, October 29, 2007

Unintentionally Sweet

I just finished up a bunch of interior drawings on a book I'm working on with Feiwel and Friends. Whenever I'm painting in watercolors on my stuff, I always keep scraps of watercolor paper handy to dab my brush on/test my color on. Oh, and I do the same for when I'm doing the line work (dip the nib, then test the flow on the scrap sheet before going straight to the final drawing). This is one of those sheets. I had a few of these test sheets by the time I finished the drawings for F and F. This, I thought, was the coolest. At the top of the sheet are some sketches I was doing, a while back, for a picture book idea. And in the center (turned sideways) is an outtake from a job I recently finished (final drawings found on my website here). Some of the best stuff happens unintentionally, right under the nose.

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