Monday, November 26, 2007

Robert's Snow Auction 2 (Cordell included) Live This Week!

Above is my contribution, front and back, to this year's Robert's Snow fund raiser (click image to view larger). Auction 2 is now open this week (ends Friday) and you can find my snowflake along with many others to bid on right here.

For those who don't know, the Robert's Snow fund raiser was started in 2004 by author/illustrator Grace Lin (who has a children's book under the same name) when her husband, Robert Mercer, was diagnosed with sarcoma. Children's book illustrators from all over are personally invited annually to participate in the fund raiser by designing and illustrating her or his own handcrafted snowflake. Each snowflake is then auctioned off and the profits go toward cancer research. To date, the project has raised over $200,000 for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for cancer research. Sadly, Mr. Mercer lost his fight against sarcoma and passed away in August of this year. But the Robert's Snow project and fundraiser lives on in his memory.

Many of us have also personally felt the sting of cancer. This is an excellent way to contribute to a great cause and take home a unique piece of original art this holiday season. Please take time to read more about Robert's Snow and browse through and bid on your favorite snowflake(s) here.


Anonymous said...

I happened upon Toby and the Snowflake quite by accident and loved it. I then looked for other children's books by Julie and learned of her website which is where I learned of your website and thus, the auction. Although the prices are out of my current affordable range I did want to communicate and give you a BRAVO standing ovation for giving to such a worthy cause. Aren't artists the most giving people you've ever met?
All the Snowflakes are beautiful and anyone would be proud to own one.
Bravo Matt (and to your very talented wife) I wish you and her the best in all your life endeavors.

Matthew Cordell said...

Hi, a fan (of Julie's)! Thank you for checking out our work and websites and for your kind words. Of course I'm biased, but yeah, artists are way cool.