Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You asked for it, You got it!

Another video of the inimitable Bob Dylan, again at his best. Just kidding, actually, about the "asking for it" part. No one here has asked for more Dylan, but I found this on YouTube and thought you should see it. (A favorite song, a timeless performance, and a rather disgusting look.) Vids are a quick blog post. Besides, things are kinda hectic right now. Julie and I are prepping to go to New York, where she'll receive a top award for GET WELL SOON (read where I blogged about it back here). I'm in full throes of sketches for my first picture book offering as illustrator AND author. And a couple of Euonymus shrubs in our front yard have been all but devoured by an annoying parasite called "scale". Trying to figure that out.

So ride this out with me and feast your eyes and your ears on some "Idiot Wind."

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