Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Simon James makes good books.

In a recent visit to the local library, combing through the picture books section, I plucked a handful of books by UK-based author/illustrator Simon James. Julie and I already own a copy of his wildly popular BABY BRAINS, but it's some of his older stuff that I really respond to. Not that the BABY BRAINS books ain't great, they're just a little wackier than a few of the cooler, quieter titles from several years back.

I really dig these two: LEON AND BOB and THE BIRDWATCHERS. In general, though, SJ's got a real, real sweet style. Loose pen and ink lines accompanied by very painterly and classically loose watercolors. He's got a great sense of color and his design and composition skills are top notch too.

I found this UK gallery website that, looks like, represents his original art sales. At first glance I thought the prices were extremely reasonable. Then, I remembered how the dollar's in the toilet and it'd take almost two bucks to make a Brit's pound. Still, tho, some good prices. Someday, maybe.


Anonymous said...

Neat post. I like his drawing style also. Funny observation about the value of the good ol' greenback. Traveling abroad (especially to europe) costs an arm AND a leg nowdays.


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