Thursday, June 5, 2008


So, while I was waiting on some notes for my next picture book, I tooled around and finally wrapped the first section (the prologue) of a graphic novel I'm writing/drawing. Like I said in my last post, my plan is to just work on this as time allows, not going super crazy yet about trying to get it published. And, for now, I'll set up a page on my website and just start publishing it there. Soon.

Here's four sample panels from some of the pages I just finished. (click it to zoom.)

I have to say, this work is frickin insane. It's obsessive and it's tedious. It's terribly difficult. And it's no end in sight. I think full-time cartoonists must have a bit of crazy in their brains. OR, they are completely relaxed. I have a LOT left to go on this, and that's where most of the crazy comes in. I've been trying to lean on what I know about zen and meditation. The whole "mindfulness" and living in the present (not the future or past) idea. It's hard.

But, I think, it's worth it. It's kinda fun.

Check with me in a year or two.

Now... back to picture bookin'.


Jeff Newman said...

Nice stuff, Matt! I think I saw this one in sketch form. Love the black and white starkness.

Matthew Cordell said...

Thanks, Jeff! I did show you some of this stuff a while back. Back into it lately, so hopefully I can keep some momentum goin...

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this one to be completed! Don't worry, I'll be there to spur you on.