Thursday, September 4, 2008

Creatives Procreate

I hereby announce with massive joy that Julie and I are expecting our first babe. Julie's now 25 weeks in and we just found out semi-recently that we're having a girl! Girls rule! We're super psyched, and come xmas time or so, there'll be a new addition to the Halpern-Cordell household.

Here's one of the more recent snapshots of said sweet baby girl.


Anonymous said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

w00t!! Uncle, I mean, Uncle Eric!


Anonymous said...

NICE!! Congrats to you both. After 4 kids of my own, here's my adivce...enjoy EVERY LITTLE MOMENT, EVERY LITTLE JOY. Man, it goes my SO FAST! Soak it up and love it. When you see your little baby come into this, there aren't words for it. It's amazing! Wow. How awesome.