Friday, September 25, 2009

Latest, Greatest

This has been an especially crazy couple of weeks. Just as I'm finishing up art for one book, a middle-grade novel (JUSTIN CASE by Rachel Vail--Feiwel and Friends), I'm immediately going into sketch revisions for another book, a picture book--finals due mid-December (LEAP FROG by Lauren Thompson--Simon and Schuster).

I'm also trying to do some coordinating of TROUBLE GUM promo. Right now, local indie bookshops, maybe libraries. Maybe some small school stuff. Getting up in front of groups is not my specialty. It's something I really need to do more of, get used to. Shake the anxiety once and for all. I'm about to get a crash course.

On Saturday October 17 (3pm) I'm doing my first "event" at awesome bookstore The Book Stall, in Winnetka, IL. I'm working on a bit of structure to the thing right now. Really, just a reading of TROUBLE GUM. A bit of demo drawing. A bit of "stuff I drew when I was a kid". And a bit of audience drawing participation. Simple enough, but... my nerves. Anyways, here's a sample drawing (one that'll be shown at my events). Pulled from the archives.


Next weekend, Julie and I are driving to Cleveland where we'll be attending, as guests, the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association (GLIBA) Trade Show. Promoting our new books. Julie's new YA novel, INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER, and my ol' TROUBLE GUM. We're a little stressed cause packing for the baby, in our past couple of experiences, is a major deal. This weekend, we will prep.

Speaking of baby, Romy just started crawling. Like two days ago! One night, she crawled for the very first time. The next day, it's like she was already a pro. Scooting all over the dang house. My job just got a bit harder. But we are so proud. She really likes to move.

On top of this, we just caved and bought in to a cable TV package. Mainly so we could DVR stuff and bypass commercials on shows we like. But now, there's like a bazillion more new cool shows to watch.

Where does the time go?

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