Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Nightmare

Welcome to my nightmare. After about three solid days of stressin, fightin, wrasslin, whinin, and cryin, I got to a place where I'm sorta comfortable with a color scheme for my next author-illustrator picture book. Color. This Drama Queen was not so nice to be around for those past few days. Sorry, Julie.

Here's where the chips fell (not shown: dozens of scraps, rejects, shreds, and general evidence of a growed up cry-baby).

Number 1 it is. Onward!!!!!


A fan said...

Sorry the creative effort was a struggle the past few days. Please know your fans appreciate your struggle. Looking forward to seeing another great book. Please let me share something with you that might ease your "nightmare". Where I work we have small children constantly in our hallway for hours each day. I keep a box of children's books in the hallway for them. I should take a picture one day so you could see the looks on their faces when they are reading your books and smiling as they seem to actually be in your drawings with the characters. I have seen more than one with paper and pencil drawing while looking at your pictures. Know your stress is worth it. Their faces are priceless. Who knows, your artwork could be inspiring a future illustrator!
Go give your equally creative wife a hug!

Matthew Cordell said...

Wow, thanks so much! That is really, really nice to hear. I was thinking, as I'm typing "nightmare", about how spoiled I am! My plight! It's not like I'm mining coal or something. Not digging ditches here. I'm doing what I love!

Jeff Newman said...

Hang in there, dude. An illustrator crying is like a bodybuilder sweating. It's what we do.

Matthew Cordell said...

Hilarious! Now what we need to find are bodybuilding illustrators. Could be us....?

Frank Dormer said...

Aaah, color. What a love/hate relationship we have. I wish muscles helped, but alas!


Matthew Cordell said...

Thanks, Frank. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that color's slapped silly.