Thursday, May 20, 2010

Children's Book Week, The Book Stall

While Romy's napping, I'm gonna attempt to post some pics from the panel discussion last Saturday at The Book Stall as part of Children's Book Week.

Distinguished panelists (L to R): Me, Aaron Renier, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Janice M. DelNegro. I showed some early JUSTIN CASE character sketches I worked on with my editor, Liz Szabla, and Rachel Vail, JUSTIN's mighty scribe. Apparently no one was comfortable enough to sit directly in front of me.

One more like before, sans J.M. DelNegro.

Afterward, we signed some books. Fastest hand in the midwest.

There would've been more pics, but our photographer, my lovely wife Julie Halpern, was mostly doing her best to keep up with our 18 mth old, who, at one point, burst into the panel to greet Aaron Renier.

Special thanks to Robert McDonald from the Book Stall and the folks at the Children's Book Council and Macmillan who helped me get in on this! Lots of fun.

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