Sunday, October 24, 2010

See Me. Feel Me. Touch Me. Heal Me.

Just really wanted to say a few things pertaining to... Me.

Talented author/illustrator, Sergio Ruzzier, had the great idea last week to ask a single question around the kidlit community. What are your top ten favorite picture books of all time? I had the honor of being the first post in this series (I think I was maybe just the biggest nerd who went and turned his answers in first). Find out what my tops are right here. And, you know, there's already been a few more posts since mine. Authors Emily Jenkins and Marc Tyler Nobleman. And one of our favorite bloggers, Julie Danielson of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Very much looking forward to seeing more of these lists!

Next up... I just reformatted my blog. It looks pretty much exactly as it did before, but it's allowed me to "label" all of my posts (see the snazzy list o' labels at the column to our right). So, for instance, if you had any desire whatsoever to read all of my "Top Ten" columns, you can click the label titled (what else) "top ten" and you're golden.

I've also added all links to all interviews, and the like, that I've done to the right. So you can read (or reread!) all kinds of stuff about me. Yours truly. This guy.

One more thing. Regarding me.

Here's a new self-portrait.

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