Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LEAP gets a second star!

I was floored last week to hear that my upcoming pic book, LEAP BACK HOME TO ME, received a second starred review! This one from our friends at Kirkus. Thanks and congrats to my pal and collaborator, LEAP's author, Lauren Thompson, for writing such a beautiful story (it'll bring a tear to any loving parent's eye)! Thanks very much, Kirkus, and go, go, go little froggies! Here's what Kirkus has to say:

Veteran picture-book author Thompson teams with Cordell to create a deceptively simple instant classic.

Little frog and his mother share a warm lily-pad embrace on the cover. Then comes the action: "Leap frog over the ladybug. Leap frog over the bee. / Leap frog over the prickly clover, / then leap back home to me!" As the little amphibian takes each ever-more-ambitious jumping adventure, his mother happily welcomes him back. The rhyming text creates a loving refrain that young ones will enjoy repeating. Sound effects for alternating excursions add to the interactive fun, as frog goes, "PLIP! … SPROING! … WHEEEEE! … WHOOSH!" over clover, splashing beavers, rocky hilltops and roaming clouds. Cordell works his magic with pen, ink and vibrant watercolors to not only perfectly complement the text but also show little frog's growing confidence and sheer glee at each accomplishment as the day progresses. Mama frog patiently awaits her little one with smiles, crayons, a storybook, dinner and, finally, another hug as he does a "Leap frog over the sun. / Leap frog as high as you please. / Leap frog out to the farthest stars… / when you leap home, here I'll be." A sure delight to present to a preschool group or share one on one.

Hop to it and make sure this is on your shelf! (Picture book. 2-4)