Monday, May 23, 2011

Up to the Moment

It feels as if I've neglected this blog. It's been about 2 and half weeks since my last post. Seems longer. I tend to use Facebook as my news poster these days, which, I'm not so sure, is even a good method to go about posting news (if you know much about the Facebook news feed, your post just keeps going down, down, down into the abyss of News Nowhere). But then again, who even pops on over here to the blog? At any rate, I'm probably coming across as negative here. Not my intention.

Here's a smattering of good, recent news to put forth:

Recently delivered art on a supercool picture book with Abrams, called BAT AND RAT, from supercool author Patrick Jennings! Here's a sample piece. (Click it, make it bigger. Oh and please ignore the levels/color balance. This is a crude photo I shot before shipping art.)

has been enjoying a bit of fun things around the web. Including this video spotlight on three pic books from local NYC news channel, NY1.

Love o' my life, and most talented author, Julie Halpern has a brand new young adult novel coming out called DON'T STOP NOW. It's really cool, really funny, really good. The fam was just up in Rochester, NY for Stephanie Squicciarini's TEEN BOOK FEST to promote DSN as well and other Halpern classics, GET WELL SOON, and INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER. A very fun family trip! Check out Julie's blog post from when she got her advance copy of DON'T STOP NOW. I love this cover!

I just sent in my first sketch dummy for what will be my THIRD written and illustrated picture book, called HELLO HELLO. This one's with Disney-Hyperion and I'm working with the wonderful Kevin Lewis! Super excited about this one. It's a bit of a departure for me, in that it's more serious than my previous offerings. A sneak peek sketch (click it, make it bigger):

And NOW, I'm reading the manuscript for the sequel to JUSTIN CASE by the dependably brilliant, Rachel Vail. Soon to be in sketches, with art to deliver later this summer! Love that JC!

Whew. Back to work.

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