Monday, October 24, 2011

ANOTHER BROTHER pulls down a star!

Good lawd, man! I just found out that my second picture book offering as author-illustrator, ANOTHER BROTHER, received a starred review from the most excellent Kirkus! Very exciting, friends. Here's how it reads, and here's a sample page (a personal favorite). ANO BRO is out 1/31/12 from my friends at Feiwel and Friends.

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Davy, a little sheep, has trouble adjusting to the arrival of not one but 12 baby brothers in this humorous twist on the tried and true new sibling theme. Although Davy was his parents’ adored only lamb, “things change.” In the space of two page openings, he suddenly has a dozen little brothers wagging their tails behind him. True to their ovine nature—and much to his chagrin—the little sheep copy Davy’s every move. When he complains, his exhausted parents say that his flock of siblings imitates him out of admiration, reassuring him that as they grow and find their own interests they will let him be. This can’t happen soon enough for poor, beleaguered Davy, who can’t even groan without a dozen echoes of “ugh” bleating forth—or can it? When the day comes that his brothers do stop mimicking him, Davy feels alone and bereft until he hears a voice echoing his once more—but this time it comes not from another brother, but from a new sister, a downright “darling ewe.” This is not just another new-baby book: Cordell’s humorous text and mischievously silly, expressive cartoon art will have readers bleating to read it again and again. (Picture book. 4-8)


Tanya said...

Congratualtions! Can't wait to read ANOTHER BROTHER! As a bookseller, I can tell you that there are very few GOOD picture books about new siblings - especially where the sibling is a bit older, which always makes the story better. As a parent, I wish I had this book when my second and third kids came along! Also, in TROUBLE GUM you did a great job presenting sibling relationships so I'm sure the Kirkus Star is well deserved.

Matthew Cordell said...

Thanks very much, Tanya! That's really great to hear.

Paige Keiser said...

Kirkus is a tough crew to impress, congratulations, Matt! And the book sounds hilarious!

Matthew Cordell said...

Thanks, Paige!