Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 2012 offerings (and more) at 7-Imp!

Please take a moment and head over to one of THE best kidlit blogs in the biz, 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Today, Julie (Jules!) Danielson has posted an extensive interview that talks up and shows off the books I have coming out in 2012. As well as my road to publication, my process, my filthy cluttered studio, and a weird bit about turkey butts. Jules does an amazing job, and it always shows. Please have a look here and leave a comment if just to say, "what up, bruh?"!


Jennifer K. Mann said...

Your work is wonderful, Matt. Your studio looks amazingly like mine--glad to see that not all illustrators keep their things in alphabetical or color-coded order!!
Happy 2012!

Matthew Cordell said...

Thank you, Jennifer, for checking out the interview and for the kind words! I've tried to keep a clean studio, but it doesn't ever stick. I just checked out your blog and am very impressed (particularly loved your birds and elephant prints and giraffe drawings!). Congrats on the forthcoming author/illo Candlewick title!