Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday! HELLO! HELLO! Art For Free! Final Week!

This is it, folks. The final week of my big "buy hello! hello! = get free art" campaign. The last day to send in your receipts for book purchases is Saturday, December 1. Help me help you to take care of some of your holiday shopping right here, right now. For complete details, please visit this blog post where I lay everything out very clearly (if not very wordily).

The last batch of orders I shipped out. Another fat batch is in the works right now. Get in this batch, man!

The gist of it is, if you buy one or more copies of my books (give them as holiday gifts!), I will reward you with artwork (give this as holiday gifts!) at no cost to you. That's right. This is WIN-WIN. And. At. No. Cost. To. You. I just need to see some receipts people. Again, read over good this blog post.

Here I am, taking hello! hello! out on the road. I thank my daughter (she's inside the book) and I thank the pony.

To quickly recap, if you buy one copy of hello! hello!, you will receive this:

A set of signed postcards that feature my artwork plus one signed and personalized bookplate.

And if you buy two copies of hello! hello!, you will receive this:

Your choice of one signed proof (any spread from within the book) plus two signed and personalized bookplates. (Proofs are first come, first serve and going fast, people.)

And if you buy three copies of hello! hello!, you will receive this sweet, sweet gem:

A very special hand watercolored print (only the black line drawing is a print, the color is applied by me, by hand, by brush, so every one I make is different!) plus three signed and personalized bookplates.

Time is running out for this offer, so let's make a run for it! Did I say it's all over this Saturday, December 1? Oh, I guess I did. Look, I totally want to hook you up with some art in exchange for you totally hooking me up and you up with some copies of hello! hello! ok? If you've already participated in this promo, I hope you'll spread the good word of your experience on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. If you haven't participated and are on the fence, get off that sucker and go buy books, man!




hello! hello!

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