Monday, August 4, 2014

Make Yer Dot

Last year, first time ever, I jumped into this fun idea of making a "dot" as part of the International Dot Day event. Make a mark (or anything that may/may not be dot-like) and see where it takes you. See how a story unravels or another picture, etc. (If you weren't already aware, the idea started from Peter Reynold's lovely picture book The Dot.) These dots we make and share get shared and shared with kids and educators and parents all over and it's this wonderful creative lovefest. Dot Day this year is September 15.

Last year, I came up with this all-kinds-of-heads dot:

And this year, I came up with this red-gray-black-squirrel-ball dot:

As an illustrator, and sometime author, my dots were added to the ongoing blog/website called "celebri-dots" which can be found here. MANY others have done this and for a long list of up-to-date contributors, check that out here.

Take a scroll and click through to find a whole bunch of fun interpretations of dots from days, months, years past. And if you are an author, illustrator, or someone in the public eye, I encourage you to participate too, to get in on the fun and spark a whole bunch of kid imaginations. Here's the page that tells you how to submit. You'll be in touch with and befriend of the sweetest and most positive guys out there, Terry Shay. It's win-win, folks. Make a dot!

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