Monday, January 7, 2008

Back in Action

Even though I was back last week from the holiday trip down south, the tentative plan was to take it easy January 2-4 (Wednesday thru Friday). I did a bit of work here and there, but tried to take it easy. Well, taking it easy drives me crazy. I think too much about what's not getting done and how blobby and lazy and unproductive I'm being. Then I get all bummed outish. Wish I could just relax. Anyway, it feels good to be back in the routine. I need that. Today, I'm working on a story revise and some sketch revisions for a book I'm illustrating with Candlewick. Above is a sketch for that one. It's coming along well and just a stone's throw now from diggin into finals. Looking forward to it!

Another discovery of late is the Neti Pot. Saw it being touted on the Today Show over the holidays. And I heard Oprah had a big plug for it on her show too. I get these jacked-up bad sinus headaches from time to time. Supposedly, daily tipping this warm water/saline combo solution into your nozz and flushing out the bad juju is supposed to help out with that. Julie used it first when she got sick last week. She gets sinus infections and it's supposed to help with those too. Today was day two of the Neti Pot trial. Hope it works. Definitely weird.

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