Friday, January 18, 2008

Chip off the ol' Block

I just ordered up some more watercolor paper to get started on final art for my next book, TOOT! TOOT! ZOOM! (written by Phyllis Root, Candlewick). My last job, MIGHTY CASEY, zapped out the last sheets of block paper I'd had. I found this brand many years ago and it's been good to me. Lanaquarelle, it's called. It's sold in blocks (short stacks of pretrimmed sheets, glued together around all four sides--to get apart, insert a palette knife or some such between sheets and peel away. It's fun!). Or you can buy it in big loose sheets. Mostly, I use sheets right off the blocks (come in a few sizes, as big as 10" x 14"--maybe even a bit bigger?) since a lot of illustrations I do are within those sizes. Unless it's a drawing that covers the spread, in which case I cut pieces off the oversize sheets.

As do all watercolor papers, the Lana comes in a variety of finishes. I prefer the Hot Press stuff since I don't care for the bumpy surface of Cold Press or "Rough" when I'm drawing. Plus I don't want any paper textures to show up in the end scans.

What I ordered ought to set me up for quite some time now. I've found the best price to come outta (as much as I wish it so, no I ain't gettin a kickback here). Deep discounts all around. Go Blick!

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