Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Change of Address

My final tie to my beloved Chicago has officially been severed. First, Julie and I left our Chicago apartment for our sweet new home in the Chicago 'burbs. Second, I quit my insane-commute-to job in Chicago (just last September). And third, I've just closed down the post office box I held in Chicago for the past several years. I have a new p.o. box (as also noted on my website) for those who ought to know. And that is:

P.O. Box 8583
Gurnee, IL 60031-7018

In other news, I'm still in covers on the two current picture books I'm working on. TOOT! TOOT! ZOOM! (written by Phyllis Root, Candlewick) and MIGHTY CASEY (James Preller, Feiwel and Friends). CASEY had previously been resolved, but after some more recent consideration, an alternative has been requested. Something a little louder (like the story itself). No prob. One of a few sketches I just sent out, below.


Anonymous said...

I'm a school librarian-in-training and I really enjoy your work and your sense of humor. The links to pages about other authors and illustrators are helpful. I noticed that Preller's link didn't work. I think you've got one too many "http"s in the code. http://http//www.jamespreller.com/

I hope life in the 'burbs continues to treat you well.

Matthew Cordell said...

Thanks, S. L.-I.-T.! Happy to hear you found the site and liked what you saw. And thanks for the note about JP's link. Fixed that right away.

I love school librarians.--so much so, I married one. Best wishes as you continue down that path.