Thursday, March 6, 2008

New in

ALL NEW! I just added new illustration samples on my website, in my "work" section, for my forthcoming picture book, with James Preller (by way of Feiwel and Friends), MIGHTY CASEY. This fab book about a down and out wee baseball team (and one particularly terrible player, Casey Jenkins) will be available somewhat soon--fall of 2008. I will keep ye updated. Anyhow, please start here on my site and navigate to the "work" section and then navigate to the "MIGHTY CASEY" click-through under the heading "books". It's much easier than what I've just described. And if you've come this far, I think you might enjoy.

Tomorrow: an update on an urban legend creature from my homestate of South Carolina. It ought not disappoint.


Anonymous said...

Aaaahhh. Baseball starts soon...spring is close. Yes!

Matthew Cordell said...

So true, so true. Spring is my fave season.

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