Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about Matthew Cordell...*

About one year ago, I wrapped drawings for a picture book titled, MIGHTY CASEY written by one James Preller. Before I go any further, I must say that it is not so uncommon for authors and illustrators who work on the same book to never meet, correspond, shake hands, lock eyes. But one thing led to another (a shared Dylan obsession kicked it off), and now JP and I are old email buddies (one day we'll meet face to face). And MIGHTY CASEY will come out from Feiwel and Friends in the forthcoming spring (March-April-ish, 2009).

Preller's got a top notch blog. A good mix of the personal with the business. And today, he has chosen me as his subject. He's starting a line of interviews for his blog and I got to kick if off. So, please take a moment, and head over there for all the dirty secrets.

*...but were afraid to ask.


Jeff Newman said...

Nice interview, Matt. But you misquoted Bemelmens--the exact quote was "Bemelmens gotta get paid, son."

Matthew Cordell said...

Thanks, Jeff. Man, that Bemelmans is cracking me up!