Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Workin Man

Don't you know it's hard out there for a new Pop? But the show must go on and I gotta get back to work. It feels great actually. Stretching me artistic legs again. Exercising that part of the brain and what not. I have a deadline that my editor, Tamar, at Abrams graciously let me bump back a few weeks to Dec 19. Well, I have a good bit done, but it's very good to have that extra room to breathe. Mmm, hey, here's a little rough I just scanned:

And our dear Romy is doing so well. She's 38 weeks old today (this including her in-womb time). In two short weeks she'll be up there with the term kids. Ah, my dear. How we love thee! Our hearts, our hearts!

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