Sunday, January 25, 2009

Matthew Cordell a la Facebook

In lieu of cross-platform internet self-promo, my lovely wifey Julie Halpern, has established my professional presence on Facebook. I have not (will not?) actually made (make?) my personal presence be known on the 'book. Is it right for me? I can't decide. But please, join the Matthew Cordell Group at the following link to get more info on me and my books--past and upcoming releases--as well as a quickie click-through of images (that are also found on my website--with lots more at the site!). So, to help out with this group membership drive, join here:

And as usual, all the stuff that falls in between will be kept on this here blog--anecdotes, musings, head-scratches. And there's also my website which is least regularly updated. But it's totally worth your while, I promise!

And, maybe, someday, I'll actually pony up and create a personal Facebook account. But by then, Facebook will be the new myspace, which is now the new email, which is like the new snail mail, which is, sort of like sending a telegraph at this point.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya! There's too many of these FaceSpace MyBooks out there. More pop up every day that you just have to join. A huge time suck if you ask me. Fight the urge to join them all!