Saturday, January 3, 2009

Something Old, Something New

Today I had lunch with an old, old friend from the college years. The thing is... I don't look back too much cause I never know what I'm gonna get. Good times? Bad times? It was really great seeing Greg again. Made me remember though, some of the old me. People change, you know. I mean, I have. I did. Man, it's weird, dragging up old memories.

Then, I was thumbing through the latest ish of the New Yorker (I don't like starting sentences like that--cause I'm not the guy who starts sentences like that). I came upon an article about one of my old favorite musicians. Will Oldham, aka Palace, aka, Palace Brothers, aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy. Around '99-'01, I was heavily into this music. The art I was making at the time--it was just like a great coincidence of a soundtrack to what I was doing. What I was living. It was seriously moving to me. The music just feels like it's all been conceived on the rickety old porch of some shotgun shack of some deep, deep sleepy southern town, 95 degree heat. Melted ice teas, melted mint julips. So rich. Then, I changed. The music depressed me. Now I think I've changed again and I'm willing to revisit Bonnie "Prince" Billy. I missed a couple of albums in the interim.

What now? Oh, man, we're so entrenched in Romy. So in love. She eats, she poops, she wails and we love. Never knew how much til we got here.


Anonymous said...

That pic of Romy rocks!

Anonymous said...

Daddy's little girl. Nice!

Anonymous said...

damn it Matt, just stay who you are, Rocky, that's why we love(d) you.

Baby no. 2 "due" tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to meeting for lunch too, one day once this blazing sunset is over. Bonnie Prince huh? Sweet sad songs.

Your old pal across the blue sea,