Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HELLO! HELLO! is out Today! 26 Reasons Why You Will Want to Buy a Copy

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment I've all been waiting for... my newest and so-ready-for-it picture book, hello! hello!, is officially out today from my good friends at Disney-Hyperion Books! I am terribly, awfully, insanely excited for this book and for all that it shows and stands for.

What's it about? A family is completely shut in and taken with their electronic "gadgets." Cell phones, laptop computers, gaming devices, etc. The daughter in this family has finally had enough and seeks less of the electronic and more of the human variety of interaction. But she finds it hard to get her Mom, Dad, and little brother to also break free. So... she turns her attention to the outdoors. And the outdoors turns her attention to the imagination. And away we go!

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And here is a little promo video I made, a "book trailer" if you will, with music by the multi-incredibly-talented Mr. Philip C. Stead.

Now that hello! hello! is finally out and in the world, all that is left to do is for people (you) to buy a copy. Ever happy to help, I am providing a list of 26 reasons why you should own a copy of hello! hello! for yourself and/or gift one to someone you love.

You will most definitely need a copy of hello! hello! if you...

1. ...are a person.
2. ...are a person who likes books.
3. ...are a person who likes stories.
4. ...are a person who likes art.
5. ...are a person who likes pen and ink drawings with watercolor.
6. ...are a person who likes books that are illustrated in pen and ink with watercolor.
7. ...have a kid(s) or not.
8. ...have a neice(s), or a nephew(s), or a wife, or a husband, or a grandkid(s), or a great-grankid(s), or a great-great-grandkid(s) or not.
9. ...have a cell phone.
10. ...have a laptop.
11. ...have a tablet computer.
12. ...have a Facebook profile, and/or a Twitter profile, and/or use email and/or text.
13. ...have ever had anyone tell you while you were on your cell phone/and or laptop and/or tablet, "get off your smartphone and/or laptop and/or tablet, and stop Facebooking and/or Tweeting and/or emailing and/or texting and start talking to me."
14. ...like book design.
15. ...like hand-lettering.
16. ...like a very purposeful use of "white space."
17. ...like a book with a cold opening (with story before the title page) and a coda aka "stinger," or "tag," or "credit cookie" (an ending after the ending).
18. ...like a book with fine paper and printing.
19. ...appreciate when a book is printed in 5 colors instead of the usual 4.
20. ...like hidden art underneath a book's outer dust jacket.
21. ...like red-headed people.
22. ...like adults in eyeglasses.
23. ...like brightly-colored skies and fields of wildflowers.
24. ...like horses.
25. ...like buffalo, and/or deer, and/or giraffes, and/or ostriches, and/or fishes, and/or gorillas, and/or chickens, and/or lions, and/or frogs, and/or skunks, and/or antelopes, and/or butterflies, and/or octopi, and/or wiener dogs.
26. ...like, um, me.

As you can very well see, this book is incredibly special to me. Please, please, I beg you, please seek it out and buy a copy for yourself and/or for someone you love. Then please share it with and read it with someone you love. Please, please let this book into your life. Please, please and thank you, thank you.

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hello! hello!

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