Friday, October 5, 2012

New stuff at!

With the Facebook, and the Twitter, and the blog, and the Instagram, and the tumblr, and the YouTube, and the... it is often easy to forget to update the tried and true website. The artist's portfolio and stationary web presence. Sometimes, with all of these other, newer, online broadcasting tools, it seems almost archaic to dust off and keep up the old website. But I think it's good–very good–to have a place where everything is not constantly scrolling down in a news feed. Where there isn't a continuous blast of news and self-promo shouting in all directions. Just a nice, quiet, clean place to put up the artwork and reviews and book covers and life story (bio) and contact information. Ahhhhh.

Ladies and gents, the updated New art, reviews, info added for 7 of my most recent books, all from 2012. Please have a look!


Brian Won said...

Mr Cordell,

The webpage looks awesome and your artwork is brilliant! Such a joy to look at.


Matthew Cordell said...

Thank you for having a look, Brian! I just came from your website and I must say I love your work too! Looking forward to following your updates on Twitter.